Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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13 Dec

Chime Bank Review: A Fee-Free Bank Account

Brittney Laryea If you can’t recall the last time you walked into one of your bank’s physical branches, are sick of bank fees and want a no-brainer way to save more money, you may be interested in opening an account with San Francisco-based fintech start-up, Chime. Chime offers a mobile-first […]

12 Dec

702(j) “Retirement Plans”: What You Should Know

James F. Royal, Ph.D. If you’ve ever been pitched on a 702(j) retirement plan by a salesman, then you already know it’s not a retirement plan at all. A 702 plan is life insurance that’s commonly advertised as a retirement plan. The 702(j) retirement plan even mimics the lingo of […]

12 Dec

8 Investment Fees Every Investor Needs to Understand

Roger Wohlner While the focus in investing is often on returns, it’s important for investors to understand the impact of expenses on their investing results. An investor bulletin published by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows the effect of higher expenses on investment returns. They looked at the impact […]

11 Dec

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

Julie Ryan Evans iStock Do you need a financial advisor? The short answer is no — you don’t need one. With enough research and know-how, you can do much of what a financial advisor does on your own. The real question to ask is this: Will a financial advisor help […]

11 Dec

What Is After-Hours Trading, and How Does It Work?

Miranda Marquit iStock Are you interested in trading stocks? If you pay attention to financial media, chances are you’ve heard that “the market moved lower in after-hours trading” at some point. While the stock exchanges might be closed, that doesn’t mean trading isn’t happening — and you might be able […]

30 Nov

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: Which Should You Choose?

Christy Rakoczy iStock One of the most commonly touted “rules” of investing is to diversify your assets. That means buying different kinds of assets so you aren’t investing too heavily in one company or in one industry. Rather than diversifying by manually buying stock shares in many different companies — […]

30 Nov

Average Bank Interest Rates

Chris Horymski There are many types of savings accounts and other interest-earning accounts offered by banks and credit unions today. Here are the current average bank interest rates for some of the more widely available products. The averages are based on annual percentage yields (APYs) collected from nearly 7,000 bank […]

28 Nov

Market Order vs. Limit Order: Here’s What to Use

Miranda Marquit When you start trading stocks, you’ll run into terms such as “market order” and “limit order.” Because trades happen with the help of a broker (online or otherwise), understanding how these types of orders work is important so you know what you’re getting into before you risk your […]

06 Nov

What You Need to Know About Wire Transfers

Dan Rafter iStock Need to send money quickly? Or maybe someone wants to send money to you fast. If so, a wire transfer might be the solution. In some cases, like closing on a new home, it might even be a requirement. But the term wire transfer is often confused […]

03 Nov

The Ultimate Guide to Handling Your Emergency Fund

Carissa Chesanek iStock Unexpected expenses have a way of popping up at the worst possible times. A good way to be prepared is having an emergency fund. An emergency fund is money put aside to use when something comes up and you need money right away. One example of an […]