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‘Tis the Season: Health and Beauty Gifts — and Holiday Travel Rewards

‘Tis the Season: Health and Beauty Gifts — and Holiday Travel Rewards
17 Sep

[Music] Hi everyone welcome to this special edition of the balancing act I'm Olga Villaverde I'm amber Milt and today we are feeling Festive

Isn't this pretty? This is beautiful' you know the holidays are just around the corner, are you ready? I'm absolutely ready for the food, for my Christmas tree, f-for the gifts I'm ready for the gifts and today we're gonna give the gift of health as we learn how to use essential oils, you know they've go so many natural benefits to them They do they're fantastic and speaking of benefits Amber, we're gonna show you how your holiday travel can benefit you all year long Who doesn't like to get away, and we all want to look younger a little more beautiful right? Well today we're talking beauty and I love this company, they're global, they mix tradition, they mix science, and you're gonna love talking to them I'm looking forward to it and I can't wait to see what yummy holiday dessert chef Brian is whipping up, hey Brian! Hey ladies, you know it's going to be a great morning when you start your day with chocolate mousse

I will say that's just desserts, well fa la la la la [Music] [Music] What's better than giving the gift of health during the holidays? Especially when health can smell so delicious You're not kidding Today we're doing by Alaina Gianci from Healing Solutions who's gonna tell us all about the benefit of essential Oils, Elena thank you so much for being Here Hi, thank you for having me, I'm really excited You're so excited?! I'm so excited I'm going to move you over here

When people think of essential oils they think of patchouli, they think of lavender, but there's actually hundreds of different oils and blends Yes there are, at Healing Solutions we have over a hundred and sixty oils and blends, it's an ancient practice it's been around for thousands of years– ours are a hundred percent, one hundred percent pure and natural And these are the top sellers over here? These are the top sellers, you know, lavender, lemon sweet orange, the stress blend, deep muscle relief How popular is this? It's really popular, over the last three to five years it's become really mainstream people are making more conscious decisions on you know all-natural products, they don't want to put you know chemicals and all that sort of thing, so it's very, very popular So how do you use this, because I'm not very familiar with it to be honest

Okay so one of the most common uses is diffusing oils, which you can do in your home, in your office, with travel, anywhere really How cute is that cup? This is adorable You put this in your car You know yeah, you're sitting in traffic, you're stressed out, you put your stress relief in there and you have a nice ride And don't confuse it with the Starbucks right? No, but especially with the drivers here in Florida, they're nuts! This is what I have, one of these in basically every room in my home super easy you just take the top off fill it to the line with water, add any oil that you want– whatever you're feeling

That's a little sleepy but go for it! Oh that's ok, I've had my Cuban coffee this morning About 10 drops will be a nice scent in the home, just turn it on I usually throw this in the kids room with a health shield blend during the cold seasons and the colors they love it This is fantastic And how long will this uh scent for? About six hours, it has an auto off switch so you're good to go

Great! Okay so jumping over here, I usually do a goodnight blend as part of my routine, this is super easy– use a carrier oil, fractionated coconut oil, or sweet almond and you can just put it right in your hand you don't even need to bother, yes right in your hand you know a little that's plenty and then any oil again that you're feeling, a little lavender I usually put it on my temples, inside of right here, and on the bottom of my feet Oh! Oh my gosh Oh it's amazing, it smells fantastic It's amazing So another use is an all-purpose cleaner, you can search these on Google you'll get a million recipes– this one is my favorite, all-purpose, super easy– two cups of water two cups of white vinegar, and then just a teaspoon of an all-natural dish soap

And this is to clean? To clean and then a lemon essential oil, orange, tea tree, all of those are strong oils to clean with Because those are antimicrobial right? Correct Okay And again, with children around you don't need to buy those harsh chemical cleaning products that are gonna be all over everything And they're so bad for your hands too, they destroy your nails your skin everything! This real quick I want to tell you about for moms out there I'm a mom! Yeah so you turn your head for two seconds you have crayon on the ground, you have gum residue, all that

Makeup! Now it's makeup, my girls are teenagers Oh no– and what's great about this one it's super easy you can either use a fractionated coconut oil, or the sweet almond oil, and it's two tablespoons in the dish about 10-20 drops of the lemon essential oil and you literally just put it directly on the stain, rub it in with your fingers and wipe it away with the rag I know mothers out there right now are thanking you I know it's an amazing solution I say it smells great too

It is, yes Question, what about like for example, I'm a runner– you work out too- like for sore muscles We have a deep muscle relief, again we have over 160 blends; anything that's going on, we can fix it with our, with our oils And that's what sets you guys apart– for sure– they stand by their name don't they? We do, we pride ourself big-time on the fact that we really are guaranteed a hundred percent pure and natural so we have a facility in Phoenix, Arizona where we test everything with an in-house chemist and you can take the lot number on your bottle go to healing solutions dot com and it'll give you the date that it was tested the results you can go as far as you want to go with it and it's amazing because if it doesn't pass our quality tests we throw it right out I love the transparency here

I love these gift sets You know what else is amazing? Yes, the gift sets are great I mean look at this?! This is the cutest! They're awesome for holiday gifts All right so where can we get the Healing Solutions oils? We are a number one top seller on Amazon, we are nationwide in all the vitamin shops on their shelves, and we're expanding really, rapidly so keep your eyes peeled for other retailers, and also you can get 10% off using the promo code ‘lifetime holiday' at healing solutions dot com I mean well that's a present in and of itself, right? Definitely is Or you're just lucky enough to be standing here and you kind of just stock up

Or stuff them in your bra [Laughter] These are such great holiday gifts though, I love it you can take it to go Stocking stuffers Have it in the house, they're great They smell great, let me tell you I'm sold– I know you know a lot about it, but for me; eye-opener

They're awesome– In your homes they just make your mood feel pretty good Happy holidays, thank you so much Thank you so much for being here and of course if you want to find more information about this you can always go to our website thebalancingactcom for more information Do you think I got enough? You can never have enough? Ok one more

Here add a deep muscle blend, here you go [Music] [Music] Chances are you or your loved ones may be traveling this holiday season, I know I'm coming back to sunny Florida to hang out with my parents, but did you know that you can get rewarded for that travel? How you asked? Well I'm joined by Rachana Bhatt from Barclaycard who's here to tell us all about the perks, the miles, and more that are simply available by choosing the right card Thank you so much for being here Absolutely, thank you I am so psyched to do this because everybody who knows me knows I'm always pushing points, points, points and I've actually traveled the world using my Barclaycard

I've been a member for years That's great, well you're not alone we have thousands of customers that have enjoyed the benefits of Barclaycard travel rewards, one thing we have heard from our customers is sometimes people find it confusing; how do I earn the miles, how do I redeem for my rewards, but with Barclaycard Arrival Plus we make it super easy It is so easy and I think one misconception people have is that you know with a lot of the travel rewards card you're tied to one airline, one hotel, but that's not the case with this card Yeah absolutely with Barclaycard Arrival Plus you can use your miles toward any airline, any hotel, you can even use it toward cruise lines We make it super easy and super flexible and with Barclaycard Arrival Plus right now we're giving in a very exciting sign-on bonus and you can earn double miles for every purchase– use it everywhere you are planning to shop anyway, and you're earning double miles which you'll rack up towards a really exciting trip that you're planning

And then finally when you do redeem it's easy to get additional miles we are giving you a 5% redemption bonus so you're bank of miles is never empty, you always have miles in there One of the things that I really love about the Barclaycard Arrival Plus is that it's got great security benefits, can you talk about some of those? Yeah, absolutely When you have Barclaycard Arrival Plus you can be confident and secure using it wherever you go first and foremost your miles never expire so as long as your card is open and in good standing you'll have your miles there for any of your travel abroad or anywhere that you want to go and with Barclaycard Arrival Plus you have chip and PIN capability so your card will work at any terminal that you go to, and you can be confident that when you're using your card abroad in different currencies like pounds you don't have to worry about the foreign exchange fees, we do all the math for you, we don't charge you any extra fees– you can be confident and secure using this card anywhere And I've gotta say one of the coolest things about this card that I haven't found on any other credit card is that you reward for social interaction

Yes absolutely, when you're traveling you're taking pictures, if you post these pictures on Barclaycard travel community you can earn even more rewards And if you're looking to find out what your next trip should be you can get inspired by all of the other customers that are posting their stories on our travel community It's so cool I need to go, I mean I went to Turks and Caicos on my Barclaycard points, we've been to Greece, so I'll have to upload those pictures Absolutely If people want to know more about this fantastic card where do we go? Go to Barclaycard arrival dot com, you'll learn all about the exciting sign-on bonus right now, as well as the double miles for every purchase and the 5% Redemption bonus

all of this makes Barclaycard Arrival Plus such an awesome card to have right now and one that I love I mean Rachana thank you so much for being here– I feel like just for doing our holiday shopping, just for doing our regular shopping, we can take a vacation and we all kind of want a vacation after the holidays, right? Absolutely, we all deserve one All right if you want to know more about the Barclaycard Arrival Plus you can go to BarclaycardArrivalcom Of course we'll always have information on our website at thebalancingactcom Happy traveling this holiday season

[Music] [Music] And now it's time for some beauty secrets that combine the best of nature and science– I gotta be honest I'd like to find some of these products under my tree, you listenin' Santa? Here's Olga As we continue our holiday special I think it's safe to say any of us would love to find any of these skincare solutions under the tree, joining me now to talk about how to achieve optimum radiance and revitalization is Jessica Hansen from AmorePacific– I love the name, Amore Thank you so much and thank you for having us on today Thrilled you're here, you know as Amber mentioned she's used this line I've never heard of it so I'm gonna be completely honest, has it been around for a long time? Yes so our company AmorePacific has been around for 72 years– Oh, Wow– but the AmorePacific brand is just about 15 years old, so that's still relatively new in the beauty industry

Quite new, yes It was created specifically for the US market to be a high-performance but very luxurious, high quality skin care line using Asian beauty botanicals So let's talk about Asian botanicals, why are they important? Oh well first of all natural is very important in all of our lives– it's becoming very important to many people today'very,very much and especially for the skin

Your skin is an organ, we need to take care of it we need to add the things that are most important So we take this very seriously, always have since inception, and our green tea is actually our own green tea used for skincare– we're the only company in beauty who actually produces and cultivates green tea farms off of South Korea, its called Jeju Island, it's absolutely gorgeous– and so we cultivate this just for use in skincare so that's one of our key ingredients it is found throughout most of our products and we use everything from the seed to the stem Harvested four different times of year for optimal antioxidant protection and really giving back to the skin it's an ingredient called EGCG that is very, very highly, highly effective And speaking of giving, you have such beautiful holiday gifts here to give

Yes Tell me about this, this is a beautiful display Yes so what we did, this is our first major holiday collection, and we designed it for two reasons; number one for our loyal customers like Amber we have a set that is specifically designed to give them all their favorites We have two of our bestsellers, our Time Response Eye Cream– our number one seller in our luxury line– and our number one product overall, Treatment Enzyme Peel, which has a papaya enzyme to exfoliate but in a very gentle way

So my issue is discoloration this I use two to three times a week and it really improves the overall brightness and smoothness You notice a difference? Immediately, and it feels amazing, it even exfoliates your hands too We forget about the hands and neck you know, we're always taking care of our face and let's be honest as we age the hands and neck, that's an issue too So in this set you get two of our, of our full-size as well as a brand new product called Vintage Single Extract Essence What's that? It is fermented green tea so we use all different kinds of ways of using the green tea to make it super potent, strengthen the skin And we're introducing a new way of pre-toxing the skin rather than detoxing all the damage, pre-toxs to help prevent the damage and strengthen the skin

Oh, I love this set How much does this go for? This is 375 available on our own e-commerce, US dot amore Pacific dot com, as well as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom And it can last you for how long? This lasts you for, I would say about close to six months perfect And the value of this is 565 dollars

Oh wow so you're getting a lot You're getting a lot and a collector's edition green tea ornament for your tree Love it, okay what else do we have? Okay so for the discoverist, for the person who either isn't using skincare, or doesn't know about AmorePacific– okay that would be me' that would be yourself there's lots of you's out there in the US so we actually created two different sets so you could really explore our entire collection

What's so pivotal about Korean beauty is the ritual You don't have to use all 12 steps but we have products where you can discover everything from a cleanser all the way through to treatment and moisturization to really protect the skin How cute is that Its designed like an Advent calendar with little goodies of surprise Most people probably will open them all at once and won't wait day by day but this is $75 with a hundred and sixty two dollar value

A nice introduction Absolutely Yes, so and then we have one that is designed so I would say this is for one who's really trying to prevent and correct the signs of aging there is our botanical of ‘My 12 Days of Botanical Beauty', $55 available at Sephora and on our own e-commerce and it has our moisture bound collection which utilizes bamboo sap– so another key ingredient in our line which we sustainably harvest, bamboo, bamboo sap for five days in June We protect the plant so we don't destroy it and we make sure that that really is utilized in all of our products that are designed for intense moisturization All right and one question that I always have when people want to talk to me about lotions is how does it feel; is it fake, is it greasy because I don't like that

Yes great point, so this year we launched a brand new product called ‘Essential Creme Fluid' it has all of the good for you ingredients that I've talked about, baby green tea leaves, and it feels like a lotion but it has the power of a cream that is super, super hydrating but perfect before you put on makeup, because lots of times super heavy creams really don't blend well when you actually have to apply makeup every day, like we do It feels great, it's light, and it doesn't have that heavy odor which is fantastic as well Smells very soothing So this actually is in our set called ‘Green Tea Me Gorgeous' Green Tea Me Gorgeous? I like that! So the full-size is in there as well as two of our signature products that are, that are new to the line So many great ideas and you know the other day my girls– who are probably watching now– they were wondering like ‘what are we gonna get mommy for Christmas', which one do you suggest? This one is the one you're going to get only because you, you deserve it

I do You can really experience the full collection and get the benefits from using everything from our Treatment Enzyme Peel all the way through to our eye creams And where can my daughter's and our viewers get You can find our complete collection at US dot amore Pacific dot com, as well as Sephora, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom Thank you so much you're such a delight Thank you so much it was my please

And tell me that place again in Korea, what's it called again? Jeju Island It sounds beautiful, thank you Thank you Happy holidays Thank you so much

And if you'd like more information about these products you could also go to our website and it's the balancing act dot com [Music] [Music] We all love to make dessert, but who has the time to do those desserts that everybody craze about? You will if you use my secret weapon! I'm Bryan Terrell and welcome to my kitchen Let me show you how to prepare European-inspired Mousse supreme with the help of Dr Oetker Today we're gonna make these lovely little raspberry tarts that are right here they look like they're difficult but with the help of Dr Oetker they're gonna be so easy to make and impress your friends and family, all it takes, one cup of milk, strawberry mousse, put that right in there then we have our blender here we're gonna start off and we're gonna do this on a low speed

Dr Oetker actually started back in the 1800s in Germany he knows his product After about three or four minutes we want to whip this up into really nice peaks– there you can see that right there– then we're gonna take this and we're gonna put it in the refrigerator for about three to four hours–It gets nice and stiff with that From that we make our tarts and then we're gonna take some lovely little raspberry we'll put it right there in the middle of that like that, we've taken that mousse and we've put it in one of our piping bags– you can pick these up at any of your favorite markets down the way– we're gonna put some fresh strawberries on there we're gonna put some blackberries on there, some raspberries but you can also use a Dr

Oetker for other things we've done such as chocolate mousse over here with a chocolate tart around there got some lovely Oreo cookies in there some raspberries Also over here we've done banana and we topped that off with some lovely caramelized bananas on that To find out about this mousse recipe and many other decadent desserts go to Oetker dot us or go to our website thebalancingactcom don't forget to share your favorite recipe with us Mhmm that is so good

mmm that chocolate mousse looks delicious fabulous! a lot of calories but who cares– best show ever! yes and those desserts and everything I love the holidays we hope you enjoyed our holiday special today And remember you can always check out our website thebalancingactcom you can follow us on Twitter, you can go to Facebook, we're everywhere

so have you been naughty or nice? ooh a little of both, how about you? I'm not gonna answer, thanks for watching everyone we'll see you next time Bye [Music]

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