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TJ Maxx Credit Card Review

TJ Maxx Credit Card Review
11 Sep

Hey, I'm Adam Jusko from ProudMoneycom and in this video I am looking at the TJX Rewards credit card

This is the credit card for TJ Maxx and Marshalls and Sierra Trading Post and Home Goods There are two of these cards there is the TJX MasterCard which hopefully most of you will qualify for

If your credit is not good enough to qualify for that, though, there's also a TJX store card that is only accepted within the TJ Maxx/Marshalls family of stores So, regardless of which card you get, you're going to get five points per dollar at the TJX storesTJ Maxx, Marshalls, Sierra Trading Post, Home Goods

If you qualify for the MasterCard you can also use it wherever MasterCard is accepted and you would get 1 point per dollar on those purchases Every 1,000 points is going to equal a $1000 rewards card that you can then use for future purchases at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and Sierra Trading Post and Home Goods You're going to get 10% off your first purchase with the card And there's not a whole lot more

It's issued by Synchrony Bank which is the bank behind a lot of retail store credit cards, so if you've dealt with them in the past you may have your opinions one way or the other of how that experience has been, but that is who the issuer is This card has a very high interest rate of over 27 percent which is just really ridiculous, so don't get this card if you are ever going to carry a balance The rewards really don't matter if you carry a balance because you're just gonna cancel them out with the interest that you pay So if you're the type of person that ever carries a balance — which you shouldn't be — but if you are, then you're going to want to avoid this card Overall this is a sort of no-brainer card for TJ Maxx and Marshalls shoppers if you go there often

But it doesn't make as much sense to use this card outside of those stores — you're getting one point per dollar in rewards and you could use a different credit card that has a better cash back formula and get more rewards for the purchases you make So if you want to include this in sort of your family of credit cards that you carry, that makes sense if you're a frequent TJs and Marshalls shopper but otherwise it makes less sense, and especially because of that interest rate You don't want to be putting too much on there especially if you ever carry a balance So that's it! Thank you for watching and please go to ProudMoneycom where we have all sorts of other credit card reviews and best-of lists and all sorts of other personal finance information as well


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