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TRAVEL CREDIT CARD HACK – How I Booked an All-Inclusive Vacation For Under $250

TRAVEL CREDIT CARD HACK – How I Booked an All-Inclusive Vacation For Under $250
31 Jul

hey guys so a few videos ago I made the comment that lately I have kind of become obsessed with credit cards now I know that sounds really dangerous but stick with me I've always been the type of person that doesn't spend more money than I have so I pay off all of my cards at the end of each month so no worries mom but I just booked my all-time favorite travel reward redemption I'm going to be staying at an all-inclusive Resort in Cancun for 4 nights and I spent under $250 for two people so I'm gonna share with you exactly how I did this and how you can do it too just a disclaimer if you're someone who already has a lot of credit card debt you probably should avoid this video because this is mainly for people who are okay with paying off their cards each month otherwise you pay interest and that kind of cancels out any rewards you get so the first credit card I'm going to talk about is the key player here this is the hotel chain card that's gonna get you the all-inclusive Resort and that is the chase Hyatt credit card so when I sign up for the card they had an offer where you would get two free nights once you met a certain amount of spend right now that offer is forty thousand points instead of two free nights but I'll tell you how to make that almost equivalent with this offer I'll put a link to it down in the description you will get 40,000 hyatt points once you spend $2,000 on the card now this two thousand dollars can be spent anywhere so it can go towards your bills your rent anything like that that you can pay with a credit card obviously you don't want to spend more money than you're already spending because again it kind of cancels out the rewards this card also comes with a five thousand dollar authorized user bonus so whether you have a girlfriend or a parent or whatever who is okay with you putting their name on the card you get an additional five thousand points there is an annual fee for this card which is seventy five dollars which is incorporated into the total cost of your vacation so I'm not gonna lie to you and say you know free vacation when there's annual fees involved because I feel like that's kind of cheating you a little bit the resort I chose to stay with is called the Hyatt Ziva Cancun and this is an amazing all-inclusive resort in Mexico I am so excited I'm actually going in January and the rooms typically go for five to six hundred dollars a night and that's for two people that's really high I mean I'm not the type of person to spend that much money on a night of vacation I've never been but here's the twist these rooms only cost twenty-five thousand hyatt points a night and that's for two people so this is an all-inclusive resort people like you get your food covered your drinks covered you know everything you can think of is covered so 25,000 Hyatt Points is so worth it so you're probably thinking but Clifton I only got forty five thousand points from the sign up bonus how I'm gonna get more than one night but if you stick around I'll show you how to get three more additional nights for just one more card but first we got to talk about airfare because I know me that's like the biggest thing I stress about when traveling but before this trip I got the citi aadvantage platinum credit card now this is the business version but the personal version is basically the same thing so right now you can get 60,000 miles for spending $3,000 and your annual fee for the card is completely waived the first year so if you don't want to spend three thousand additional dollars there's actually another option and that's the aadvantage aviator card from Barclaycard this card has the same 60,000 point signup bonus but all you have to do is make one purchase on the card of any amount now you do have to pay the ninety five dollar annual fee with this card but if you're not looking to spend a high amount of money for this card this is an awesome option so whichever card you picked they both earn American Airlines aadvantage miles and since I live in the continental US I was able to get flights from my city which is Charleston South Carolina to Cancun Mexico for 15,000 points each way per person so if you do the math that's 60,000 points for round-trip tickets for two people just a heads up you do have to pay the fees and taxes for these flights so for two people that's a total of 157 dollars and that's included in my calculation of getting this vacation under $250 so so far you've got one night at an all-inclusive Resort and two round-trip tickets there I don't know about you but you probably want to spend more than one night at the resort I know I would so my third credit card recommendation to get this dream vacation is the Chase Sapphire Preferred card with this card you get fifty thousand chase Ultimate Rewards points if you spend four thousand dollars in the first three months plus you get an additional 5,000 points once you add an authorized user and the best part about chase Ultimate Rewards points is you can transfer them directly to Hyatt so you can combine your fifty five thousand chase points with your forty five thousand hyatt points getting you a total of 100,000 points enough for four nights at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun so like I said I'll give you guys an update once I actually go on this trip but I just had to share that this was such an awesome Redemption and I know a lot of you are kind of curious about credit cards but you're not really sure where to start and if you're like me and you were planning a wedding and planning to spend a lot of money anyways dividing it out these cards kind of pays for your whole honeymoon so I've put links for all three cards in the description below you don't have to use my signup referral links but if this was helpful for you I'd really appreciate it so thank you so much for watching if you have any questions leave them in the comments I'll try my best to answer them yes so I hope this was helpful and I'll see you guys next video bye

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