Friday, 4 December 2020

Travel Rewards: Southwest Summits

Travel Rewards: Southwest Summits
26 Aug

Oh wow! Oh wow Oh, wow! Thank you

Wow What's the occasion? Our anniversary Congratulations! This is a good place to stop for a second Here's to 20 years And here's to 20 more

We would like to rent a couple of kayaks Alright, full day? Full day! Race you back! Woo hoo! Wow! Good call, honey! I know, right?! Hey! Where are you headed? If I knew, I'd tell you! We are totally doing that tomorrow You ok, dad? I'm not ok, I'm great! Yeah mom, this is actually pretty cool Actually cool I'll take it! Pretty good view

Not pretty good, Great You know, this is going to be hard to beat next year The Travel Rewards credit card from Bank of America It's travel, better connected

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