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WaterField Finn Access Wallet | Fantastic Credit Card & Travel Wallet

WaterField Finn Access Wallet | Fantastic Credit Card & Travel Wallet
31 Jul

Hey it's Ernest from Trip Astute

In this video, we're reviewing the Waterfield Finn Access wallet — a compact and minimalist wallet perfect for those of you that carry a lot of credit cards (light chiming music) Those of you that watch my videos know that I've been using a Bellroy Card Pocket wallet for a couple of years now I like it a lot, and for me, it seems to match up with my spending habits What I mean by that is that I use credit cards 90% of the time and I rarely need to access my cash While a lot of people hate having to fold their cash into thirds, I don't mind it so much since I barely use it

A few people have contacted us asking if I knew of any wallet with the same design that allowed you to bi-fold your cash Well today, I'm actually going to show you a wallet that I think solves this issue It's the Waterfield Finn Access wallet Waterfield is a company based in San Francisco They make a lot of cool gear

In fact, I actually own several of their bags and pouches The bags are designed and made in San Francisco, and are extremely high-quality Seriously, I would consider their products to be high-end But you're not paying for a brand name, but actually good materials and craftsmanship A few years ago, they decided to update their popular Finn wallet with their new version called the Finn Access

I'll run through some of the key features of the wallet so you can see whether it's a good fit for you Number 1: Full-grain leather exterior Waterfield uses full-grain leather in their products, which is a much higher quality than the top-grain or natural leather you'll find in other wallets The leather feels thick too, which makes it extremely durable Using the wallet regularly will give it a nice patina, which is common when high quality leather develops that soft sheen

In fact, a lot of people, including me, think that good quality leather looks better as it ages and wears when it develops a patina You can see on my Waterfield Staad backpack how nice the leather has aged on the bottom from constantly using it This wallet will probably look very similar over time Number 2: Ballistic nylon interior The interior of the wallet is equally impressive

Waterfield uses a ballistic nylon material in the interior that's extremely tough In fact, my Waterfield Cargo bag is made from the same material and it's managed to show very little wear and tear, despite being used for years The interior has two side pockets and plenty of extra space in the middle In terms of practical use, you'd probably want to put cards in the side pockets and your cash in the center This might be one of the most important distinctions with this wallet since you can place your cash in the center slot by only folding your notes in half

For example, my Bellroy Card Pocket requires me to fold the cash in thirds It doesn't bother me too much since I barely use cash But for a lot of people, this might be a strong reason to consider the Finn Access wallet over other similar wallets Number 3: Locking YKK zippers One small feature on the wallet that I really like is the locking zipper

When the zipper handle is flat and parallel to the opening, the zipper will not move This keeps a zipper from opening up accidentally in your pocket The zipper also has a hard plastic grip with the branding which helps with gripping it Again, these are small touches, but really add to the experience and overall quality of the product Number 4: RFID protection

The wallet has RFID protection built into the lining While I'm not convinced that RFID is a real threat, especially here in the US, it's nice to have and good peace of mind, especially if you're using a contactless card outside the US Number 5: Outside pocket This is the primary distinction between the original Finn wallet and the new Finn Access wallet The wallet has an exterior pocket that allows you to have quick access without having to open your wallet

This is an awesome place for those items that you might need while traveling like a hotel key or a metro pass Also, the exterior pocket is not RFID protected, so you can use it for a work building pass where you might not want to remove the card from your wallet Number 6: Available in different sizes I love that Waterfield offers this wallet in three different sizes, depending on your needs The compact size, which is what we have, is meant to carry about 20 or more credit cards and US cash

The classic size is slightly larger and can hold most larger non-US currency And the largest size can fit the largest currencies and even accommodate your passport It's really nice to have options depending on your needs and style For me, I would opt for the compact or classic size since I usually like to carry a photocopy of my passport and keep the original in the hotel safe But if you like to carry your passport on you, this can be a great way to do it

In terms of things I wish the wallet would include, I think the only thing would be a non-leather option I know a few folks in my life that avoid leather products, so it'd be nice to see Waterfield offer that as an option Waterfield used to offer their products in non-leather options like in their ballistic nylon or wax canvas, so I'd love to see them offer them again for their entire product line The cost of the Finn Access wallet is $79 That may seem pricey, but keep in mind that their products are extremely high quality and are manufactured in the US

They also offer a lifetime warranty on their products from any defects in the materials or workmanship I once had a zipper that malfunctioned on my Waterfield Cargo bag, and they repaired it for free, even years after I bought the bag It's that kind of service that keeps me coming back as a customer If you're interested in the Finn Access wallet or any other other products, just visit their website at sfbagscom

They only sell their products directly from their website, but they offer low shipping rates on orders Have you tried the Finn Access wallet? If so, let us know what you think? Also, if you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section below If you enjoyed this video or found it useful, please give us a thumbs up and consider sharing our video with others who might benefit from our content If you're new to this channel, we are a travel channel that is focused on sharing ways to make travel easier, affordable, and more enjoyable Traveling can be stressful and expensive, so we're looking for ways to help you maximize your experience through travel tips, points and miles, and innovative gear

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